Make a SharePoint site searchable or not searchable

Here are the steps to make a SharePoint site searchable in general:

A simple PowerShell script that makes a SharePoint site not searchable:

and a more complete PowerShell script:



PowerShell script to check ALL permissions for a particular user in a site collection (subsites/lists/libraries etc)

Check this solution. it is for sharepoint 2010 but should work also for sp2013

Refer to below given informative resources that might helps you to get this job done:

SharePoint 2013 Permission Report: Find Access Rights for Specific User in Farm

SharePoint 2013 PowerShell: How to get user permissions report

Powershell Script to Find Specific user Permission for a SharePoint Site:

SharePoint: Get list of all users which have permissions on a sharePoint using PowerShell script

You may also take help from below given earlier discussed threads:

Powershell script to get user permission on site collections and subsites

List of all users with permission of site and various subsite

User Information List in SharePoint All details:


Here is quite detail analyzing steps: How to Determine Where a User Has Been Granted Access in SharePoint

The PowerShell script: Report Where and How SharePoint Users Have Been Granted Access

Here are something else related:





SharePoint 2013 – Cannot Access Site Permissions and/or Access Requests and Invitations in Site Settings

Use SharePoint Designer might be easier:
• Open up the site collection in SharePoint Designer 2013
• Navigate to the Access Requests list, right-click and select Properties
• Copy the List ID (including the opening and closing braces)
• In the browser address bar, enter https:///_layouts/15/ListEdit.aspx?List={GUID}, and then press Enter. (a sample URL looks like this:{39F808F1-03FB-35C0-BA90-D12345EABCDE}
• On the List Settings page, click Permissions for this list.
• Make sure that the Owners group for the site is included in the list of permissions for the Access Requests list. If the Owners group for the site collection does not exist, click Grant Permissions, enter the name of the Owners group for the site in the Share dialog box, and then click Share.

SharePoint Winter

Yet another Reason to be Careful with SharePoint Security Groups!!

Access Requests and Invitations
The Access Request and Invitations feature allows people to request access to content that they do not currently have permission to see. As a site owner, you can configure the feature to send you mail when someone requests access to a site. You can then choose whether to approve or decline their request. If you approve the request, you can also specify the specific level of permission you’d like to assign to a user.  As a user, you can return to a site prior to the access approval (or denial) to check the status of your request.

The “Access Request” feature was turned on when the site collection, or site, was setup. There was a SharePoint group with Full Control permissions at this time. That group was deleted. A new group was created, but this…

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“Sorry, you don’t have access to this page” to Site Permissions page in SharePoint 2013

If the site owner, who supposed to have full control, lost the permission to access the Site Permissions page, while everything else looks fine. The following could be a fix.

“Access Denied” to Access Requests list or “Request approval failed” when you process a pending request in SharePoint Online

Basically you have to reset the permissions to the Access Requests page, which is the root cause. You will need Site Collection Admin permission to make this fix, and you will following the article above to find out the listid of the Access Requests list.

How to check the Storage space for a Sharepoint Subsite

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To check the Size or the Storage space of a Subsite you will have to open the site Collection in Windows Explorer.

Look for the Subsite(Folder), Right click on that and select properties. It will show you the exact space of the Subsite. There is no way to check that from the Site settings page or from Central Admin.

Let me know if anyone has found other way to check the Size for Sharepoint Subsite.

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