BlackBerry Q20’s file system

Have the new BlackBerry Classic, a.k.a. Q20, for almost four months.  It has personal space and work space, quite isolated to each other.  The trouble I discovered earlier is that all screenshots go to work space so they are not easy to share in the social media apps, which can only install in the personal space.

Since last week, I saw a more serious problem.  When it connected to a Windows machine, the flash drive that used to connect to and could be seen in Windows no longer worked.  Windows could briefly show the used and free space of it, but no folder can be opened.  Neither my home desktop or work laptop was working, so I tried not to think this is some restriction put on from BES recently.  Even worse, this morning I found none of the MP3 music in BlackBerry was working – the player could not recognize the file format although it knew the suffix of the files.

One thing I tried and it worked is the very old trick – Reboot.

Mobile device also need to reboot once a while, even BlackBerry 10 or Apple iOS.  Lesson learned.