Reset iLO password on HP ProLiant server

Hardware reset:

I found that there is an ILO security Overide switch on the motherboard. By default it’s set to 0 for off, if you set it to 1, it turns it on. When it is turned on you can get into to ILO with no username or password and then go in and change the user account passwords. Once you’ve changed the password(s), you change the switch back to 0, of course this requires you to shut down the server twice.

You need to set jumper (J29)the Integrated Lights-Out Security Override Switch.
To set the iLO Security Override Jumper:
1. Power down the server.
2. Remove the server from the rack.
3. Remove the server access panel.
4. Locate the three pins of J29 and move the jumper from the front and center pins to the center and rear pins to override password security. J29 is to the front of the 30 pin Remote Insight Connector.
5. Replace the server access panel and put the server back into the rack.
6. Power on the server.
7. Logon to the iLO and reset the passwords.

A warning message will be displayed on the iLO Web pages indicating the iLO Security Override function is currently active. An iLO log entry will be added recording the use of the iLO Security Override. An SNMP alert may also be sent upon setting or clearing the iLO Security Override function.
In the unlikely event it is necessary, enabling the iLO Security Override also enables the iLO boot-block to be flashed. The boot-block will be exposed until the iLO is reset. Compaq recommends the iLO be disconnected from the network until the reset is complete.

Software reset:

This will only work if the server is online and if the hp management tools are installed in the OS. If they are not then refer to this:

1. Install SNMP on the windows server (neede by HP Insight Management Agents.)
2. Ddowloaded and install the HP Insight Management Agents.
3. Download and install HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility.

Ok now that everything is in place, open a notepad file and enter the following :

<ribcl VERSION="2.0">
<login USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="somerandompassword">
  <user_INFO MODE="write">
   <mod_USER USER_LOGIN="Administrator">
    <password value="yournewpassword"/>

** somerandompassword in the second line doesn’t have to be a real password.  The utility just needs this parametre to run.

Now save the file as resetilopwd.XML , and copy it to your hp\hponcfg directory (normally under prog. files)
When done that open a command prompt , navigate to c:\program files\hp\hponcfg directory and issue the following command:

HPONCFG.exe /f resetilopwd.xml

Now it should successfully reset the password, but please note that the min. password length is 8 characters.

How do I reboot, power cycle ProLiant server in iLO?

The options to restart a server using the iLO are contained under the virtual power tab. You can do one of four options:

  1. Momentary press – this is like pressing the power button on your laptop/pc or server, with Windows 2000 and above (if I remember correctly), it should cleanly shut down the operating system.
  2. Press and hold – this is like pressing and holding the power button, it will turn off the computer completely and will not cleanly shut down the server.
  3. Cold boot of the system – this effectively powers off the server and restarts it.
  4. Reset system – this is the iLO way of rebooting it without cleanly restarting the operating system, if your server has hung and won’t respond, this might be the option you select.

iLO “Remote Console is unavailable. It is already in use by a different client”

When you try to access the iLO Remote Console on some servers you sometimes get the message “Remote Console is unavailable. It is already in use by a different client”. But there is no other client connected to the iLO on that server. How can you “reset” the Remote Console connection (from remote) to access the server through the iLO again?

Solve the problen by simply going to “Administration -> Settings -> Network -> Apply” (no changes to settings and just applying the current configuration)

It disconnects all connections, you may able to connect the remote console now.

Source: — this is a pretty good blog for WinTel system admins.

Another solution:

When using the integrated remote console on a HP Blade Server and you get disconnected for whatever reason you get the error message “The Integrated Remote Console is unavailable; it is already in use by a different client.”.

This is a common problem and is apparently working as intended, though it can be annoying. To fix this you need to turn on “Remote console acquire” within the iLO of the system.

Log into iLO and select Remote Console / Settings
There you will see settings that allow you to enable:
– Remote Console Acquire
Acquire allows you to terminate the current remote console session to attach a new one. The current user is notified.

You can also click on Remote Console Share but you will need to purchase another license key for the functionality of having multiple users using the remote console at the same time.


For Blade:

One more solution:

If you’re using HP iLO (Integrated lights out) and get this message it is because another user is either using the iLO or somehow it’s locked up.

One way to get around this is to reset it under the web settings for the iLO if you have access to it. Under the System Status tab, you can go into diagnostics and there is a button to reset iLO2.

Note that will kick off anyone currently using it, but who cares as long as it helps you right?