Open file error when start Excel

Recently, it must be after some sort of update pushed from the corporate server, whenever I open an Excel file or just start the blank Excel program, it gives me two errors.

This is the first:







Once I click OK, it gives me the second:





This is so annoying that every time I have to see this and sometimes, I just wait it open then find those pop-ups are waiting for me to click OK again.  So I did some googling and found the solution.

In general, first check would be in the Excel settings, here are the steps I got from ExpertsExchange (Q_26790488):

1) click office button
2) Select Excel Options
3) On the left pane, click Add-Ins
4) You’ll see a list of add-ins, try to identify which addin is the one mentioned in the error message
5) You can also select "Manage Excel Add-Ins" and click Go, to see the standard add-ins (XLA and XLAM)…
6) in any case (4 or 5) make sure you disable the one causing the issue.

Since I don’t have such Magic.xlam file or anything funny in my settings, so I continued my research.  Then the Accepted Solution down in the thread gave me a hint to search for the ~$Magic.xlam, which obviously looks like a corrupted file.  I found it in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\XLSTART" folder, and then deleted it.

After that, Excel opens without a problem.