Email disappeared in one click?

Since upgraded to the new Outlook – part of Office 365, version 1803, I found quite a lot difference. Previously was the column width issuePST issue, yesterday there is another one.

Trying to clean up and sort out dozens of emails on Monday after a busy weekend, I normally flag those important emails to prioritize. But wait a second, why those emails disappeared when I click on the flag? I know Outlook 365 is a bit slow and trying to re-sorting all the time, but the emails I clicked actually went to Deleted Items. What happened?

When I hover my mouse on the flag, it indeed tells me “Click to delete the item”. Seriously?!

Next, when I expand the column a bit. Ha! I saw the delete sign.

Why the heck do they bundle the flag sign and delete sign together? And, when the column is compacted, the default action is “delete”? I don’t see the logic here.

These kind of UI/UX issues in new Office are strange, huge difference. Not like the Ctrl-F thing, these are hard to explain. As a user, I will be cautious. I guess you should too.