Hide Avatar in Skype for Business meeting screen

When you are in a Skype for Business meeting, if only people attend the meeting in audio, that’s fine – you will see attendants pictures or just names if they don’t have a photo or avatar set up under their account.

But if someone has a screen to share, all those ‘avatars’ will go to the right bottom corner, use quite a big chunk of the screen space. Unless people have their webcam turned on, you may see their faces and emotions, otherwise, you want to turn those static photo or avatar off or at least hide them.

Here is the solution, these small avatars actually have an official name – Video Gallery. When you hove your mouse over your own avatar, there will be a small half-transparent arrow-and-corner sign, click it, the whole area – Video Gallery will undock, then you can just minimize that “Video Gallery” window.