RDP error Local Security Authority cannot be contacted

Comment from similar post: With previous versions of the RDP protocol, a user was allowed to change their password graphically after signing on. However, NLA has no such provision, at least the way it’s implemented in RDC. So, if you have to change your password you are SOL unless you can get to a console.

The Regime

The error:

Remote Desktop Connection: An authentication error has occurred.
The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted
Remote Computer: hostname or ip

The issue:

Seems to happen more on 2012 server but if you have Network Level Authentication enabled it will not prompt you for a GUI change password option if you have change password at next logon selected. This error could happen for other reasons as well

One of the possible fixes:

  1. uncheck change password at next logon if its selected
  2. use a different tool to change your password at first logon

Additional info can be found at https://blog.mnewton.com/articles/Solution-RDP-The-Local-Security-Authority-cannot-be-contacted/

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